It’s all about people and passion

Our company is over 20 years in business, since 2009 under the name Sidenis. Today we count close to 200 people working at four different locations.

Three Partners, One Message

The stability and reliability of our company is reflected in our management team which is unchanged since 2009.

We want to be the first choice of insurance and reinsurance customers when it comes to challenging software projects. For this we need to master the very latest developments in business and technology, watch out for trends and continuously adapt to improve and stay ahead of our current and future competitors.

What makes us most proud of Sidenis is the confidence and trustworthiness our enterprise enjoys.

We are very successful in what we are doing and the main reason are the excellent people who are working for our company. We trust in our people. We trust in our expertise. We trust in successful partnerships with our clients and in a prosperous future.

CEO Russia, St. Petersburg
in two countries
Chairman of the Board, Zürich
CEO Switzerland, Zürich
Let’s go for it, together!