Sidenis collaboration model

The Sidenis way of ensuring ideal conditions for working together

Sidenis has an advanced collaboration model which combines project employees in-house with the customer and at our locations in Zurich and St. Petersburg, in a flexible way based on the requirements of the project. The following cornerstones make up the basis of efficient cooperation:


  • Senior pairs: The core of any combined project team is a senior developer in Zurich and in St. Petersburg. They work as a unit and understand one another intuitively. Communications requirements are thus reduced to the bare minimum.
    This system also enables customers to benefit from increased levels of consistency and experience for their solution development and support.
  • The core then brings in any further resources that are necessary to ensure a stable project team
  • We also use modern sharing tools (such as video conferencing, screen-sharing, Daily Meeting and distributed source control) to ensure an agile development methodology


One goal – one team. Efficient implementation of resources on-site, onshore and nearshore – this is what working with Sidenis is all about