Actuarial Services in the Cloud

Intuitive Calculator for Distributions, Visualization and Accurate Statistical Measures

You are responsible for actuarial or quantitative analyses?

Then you will like Actus – our new service to

  • model risks,
  • fit distributions to data,
  • present your findings clearly and effectively

Actus helps you to significantly enhance your work and progress faster. Actus reliefs you from cumbersome manipulations and enables you to focus on tasks that are more decisive for your core business.

Why have we developed Actus?

For many years actuaries, analysts and quants have built their personal tool frameworks for constructing mathematical models, calculate statistics and visualize the results.

In-house development of such solutions is challenging. Often such tools are:

  • focusing on correct figures leaving visualization behind
  • standalone applications – tailored to solve a specific task
  • proprietary – available to company internal use only
  • built years ago – with the risk of losing key expertise
  • not up-to-date with latest technologies and trends

With Actus and our solid experience in building actuarial solutions, we offer you a new way in today’s fast moving business world to hand over your IT tooling, services and its embedding into your IT landscape to a reliable partner and expert.