Agile application recovery management

Efficient help for older systems

For older applications (legacy systems), it is often the case that there is no longer any developer knowledge available. The original teams of developers no longer exist, the documentation is not sufficient, time and budget for a replacement project are simply not there. The solution nevertheless needs to remain functional and be adapted to a new set of circumstances. All that can be done is to work on the source code.


“From unmanaged to managed” – application recovery for older systems

Sidenis will leverage its own nearshore development resources at affordable costs to handle this tough and tiresome work on your behalf. Highly-trained developers who “speak” various programme languages are on hand to:

  • get to grips with the old source code
  • secure operations
  • program new functions in legacy software
  • improve the performance of slower systems
  • modernise the source code (refactoring) to make the application manageable again

This hands-on support will give you the breathing space you need to approach your system’s replacement project.


Supporting legacy applications and linking them back into a manageable system landscape – this is what application recovery management by Sidenis is all about

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