Agile Software Development

Agile application life-cycle management (ALM) is a comprehensive approach to handling business requirements in an efficient, transparent and rapid way. It also ensures a seamless collaboration of our teams in Switzerland and Russia.

  • Ensure functionality and quality
  • Adapt applications
  • Improve performance
  • Secure operations
  • Improve performance
  • Program new functions
  • Analyse business requirements and plans
  • Develop and tests new solutions

Quality Assurance

Our clients value our commitment to quality. The agile development concept stresses that quality is “not added later” – quality is an integral part of the development process, by daily exchanges on user stories, specific tasks and peer assessments. Our developers together with our quality engineers are committed to writing testable code for the sake of the overall product quality.

In addition, we have a dedicated quality assurance team to ensure the robustness and reliability of our service


  • Competent consultants help shaping the right quality assurance means for your project
  • Transparent and meaningful quality metrics are used
  • The metrics are consequently applied throughout the project’s lifetime
Application Maintenance

The management and maintenance of software applications calls for expertise from people who are familiar with all aspects of keeping a software up-to-date. Maintenance is a demanding job and requires a dedicated attitude. Production issues can trigger urgent corrective steps, adaptation of code requires developers to think into the details of a functionality implemented by another colleague, often years ago.

We help our clients in all these aspects

Release management

Adaptation of the software

Legacy management

Quality assurance and testing

Performance optimization