Insurance Software Requires Business Knowledge

At Sidenis, full-fledged reinsurance professionals work together with expert programmers to ensure we provide not a program but a solution

Client Loyalty – Our Ultimate Praise

Sidenis is an owner-operated company and we strive for trust-based, long-term oriented relationships with our clients and employees. Some of the world’s leading insurers and reinsurers are among our clients. They experience our passion for delivering at the highest level – and they stay with us. It is this mutual loyalty which ultimately makes us proud and thankful.

We Will Get the Job Done

Insurance has specific software requirements – you can be sure we will deliver over the full range of needs and the entire life cycle of a solution:


  • IT architecture and specification of a new solution
  • Application development and maintenance
  • Application integration and migration
  • Application recovery (legacy management) and project recovery
  • Help with selection of standard software
  • Project management and assessment
  • Business process engineering and analysis


Software solutions for data management systems might nowadays seem like a commodity. Nonetheless, our clients benefit substantially from our understanding of how the data is used in an insurance company. It helps, for example, in the design of efficient data models or nifty UIs which are perfectly suited to the user needs.


The usability of a software is greatly influenced by an effective user interface.

We have a dedicated team of designers and UX experts who ensure that the full potential of the software is naturally accessible to your experts.


Underwriting is at the heart of insurance, and we provide solutions for the whole process, for example:

  • Digitization of the pricing processes
  • Global data capturing
  • Portfolio optimization and steering
  • Transition to cloud computing

We support you from idea to implementation, productive rollout and maintenance with business concepts, ready-made software components and specialized implementation teams.

Our actuarial consulting unit can advise you in latest costing and pricing trends as well as support you in business analysis and product management. The actuarial experts are fully integrated into the pricing tool build process and our software development teams.

Our experienced pricing tool development teams implement and test the application thoroughly and in due time.


Agile software development is most effective in a company with flat hierarchies. At Sidenis, we apply agile methods since our foundation — and our transparent structure and open culture will always be geared toward innovation and agility. All our solutions can be cloud-based. This includes moving legacy applications to the cloud. As an international company, we fully comply with international standards on data protection and security.


Sidenis is experienced in analysis, design and implementation of integrated insurance pricing applications with features such as:

  • A common pricing knowledge base enabling for a globally consolidated and consistent terminology and collaboration
  • Comparability deal by deal and on portfolio level
  • Transparency on deal and portfolio performance
  • Allowance of in-depth portfolio analysis and steering through central data storage
  • Consistency and auditability of pricing methodologies used
  • Support of «as-if» scenario calculation and analysis

We are now implementing the next application generation with features like:

  • Automated exposure gathering through sophisticated artificial intelligence solutions
  • Treaty/obligatory reinsurance experience rating offered as a cloud software as a service solution in a pay-per-use model
  • Highly performant and accurate risk transfer models combining numerical and stochastic approaches
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